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General information about Vera

Vera is a municipality of Almería province, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, 58 km². In 2010, Vera 14.371 inhabitants. The seat of the municipality is a village located 10 km from the coast. The territory of the municipality extends to the coast: the there newly created seaside resort, Vera Playa, now provides the main economic activity. The village has a number of historic buildings, such as the Town Hall and the Church Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación (1521-1524), built as a fortress to protect the village from pirates. Since 1990, Vera Playa has developed into an important centre for naturism. Vera is an authentic Spanish village on the Costa de Almería. The adjoining modern seaside resort is Vera Playa. The Costa de Almeria has one of the most favourable climates of Spain. In July and August the temperatures constantly rising to over 30 ° c. In the winter the temperatures are also pleasant, with averages from 12 ° c. Also spring and autumn there are pleasant, with temperatures exceeding 20 ° c. The Costa de Almería is very dry, it will not rain often. This makes the region of Vera an important tourist attraction for summer and winter.. Discover visitors each year from the North of Spain and foreign tourists the Costa Almeria. These people come because of the real Spain feeling in this region. The natural beaches, which is about 10 km long, are also divided into 2 different areas: Beach and naturist Beach, the last of which about 3 km long.

It has a direct and easy access even for people with disabilities.naturisme

Pure enjoyment ….


In Vera Playa there are plenty of bars and restaurants, some of these are specifically for naturist accessible and are located on the sea. Vera Playa strandbar


On the beach itself there are plenty of beach bars to typical Andalusian fried fish to eat or a nice Spanish beer. In addition to all this beauty you can in Vera Playa also many water sports, such as kite surfing, windsurfing and sailing. As an extra getaway you and your family enjoy a fun day at the water park “Parque Acuatico Vera”. The park is only one kilometre away from Vera. Parque Acuatico Video around Parque Acuatico.

Parque Acuatico

Video Parque Acuatico

Vera is also very good for cycling and hiking. You can walk on the beaches. The Cabo de Gata is well ….. is an area of volcanic origin in the province of Almeria in the southeast of the Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia, 45.663 ha. It is also a protected national park and the largest protected coastal area of Andalusia. Here you can also a variety of activities. There is a wide choice of bicycle paths and routes.

For those who wish to spend the winter in Vera are there nearly every day of the week markets nearby. Fruit and vegetables on these markets are a feast for the eyes. Almeria is known as the horticulture region and this is mainly on the market into its own. Vera Playa also has many urbanizations with beautiful vast gardens, recreation centres, security services, parking space and indoor and outdoor swimming pools (for adults and children).

In short for young and old, summer or winter holiday, Vera Playa is the pure Paradise.


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