Who are we?

Welcome to our site. We would like to give a brief explanation of who we are and why choosing a vacation in Vera Playa (Andalucia).

We are a Flemish couple and huge fans of the southern life. The Spanish sun and us big heart for animals are our main passions and have prompted us to buy a house in Vera Playa.

Why Vera Playa? After many different places and visited regions in Spain have we discovered a few years ago, this fantastic spot.

The quiet and green environment and the presence of a beautifully landscaped garden with a large swimming pool, and also less than 100 meters from a long and quiet sandy beach was the decisive factor to buy a private vacation hideaway here.

Our great love of animals, we can show here as there is a number 10 km from our house an animal shelter located “Paws Patas”. The suffering and abuse of dogs in Spain is our many years close to the heart.

Even after the summer Vera Playa is a very pleasant place to spend the winter! Vera Playa is in the winter quiet (but not extinct), there are many snowbirds, supermarkets and several restaurants nearby also remain open during the winter months.
In the neighborhood you can do interesting excursions to: Mojacar, Vera, Garrucha, Aguilas, Almeria …

The Costa Almeria is named the region with the best climate in Europe!

Andalusia, a paradise for naturists, experience it! For more info about Vera Playa click here

We wish to share our happiness and our holiday home can also be rented.

vakantiewoning Vera Playa ( Costa Almeria )

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